Language in the Workplace

In a rapidly changing world, it is natural for employees to continue to develop and be actively supported in this by their employer. A developing organisation requires agile employees. With the customised ‘Language in the Workplace ‘ programmes, you invest in language, arithmetic and/or digital skills in the workplace.


Investing in basic skills in the workplace has several advantages, not only for the employee but also for the employer. For example, fewer mistakes are made in the workplace and work-related stress and absenteeism are reduced. Employees also tend to gain more self-confidence and can work more independently. Many employers who have invested in a language course in the workplace find that employees communicate more efficiently and effectively and feel more committed to the organisation.


Customised training for Aafje employees
Aafje Hulpthuis and Da Vinci College have a long-standing collaboration in place in the field of customised training and education for employees. It all started with a request for a training course for employees with a low level of linguistic competence and has since grown into various training courses and programmes at MBO levels 1 and 2.

Customised training for HAK employees
The Da Vinci College gives flex workers from Randstad at HAK a customised ‘language in the workplace’ course. The course teaches flex workers to become increasingly fluent in the Dutch language. This is important for safety in the workplace. In addition, the language courses also help if they want to move on to another job in the labour market.

Would you like to know more about what Language in the Workplace could mean for your company? Please contact Nicolette Visser (account manager Da Vinci College) at or 06-36 55 82 55.