Dutch as a first language (NT1)

Improving writing & reading Dutch

The Dutch language is not easy for everyone. Yet we use it every day. From writing a shopping list, sending a message via WhatsApp or email, reading the subtitles on TV or filling out a form. If you would like to learn to read and write Dutch better, Da Vinci College offers a course.


messages-people-user-question FOR WHOM?

The Dutch reading & writing course is intended for everyone who has difficulty with the Dutch language in everyday life.

book-bookmark WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?

You learn things that you need in everyday life, for example reading the mail, filling in forms, writing notes, making shopping lists, reading the newspaper, reading TV subtitles and Teletext, sending messages via WhatsApp or email.

synchronize-arrow-clock DURATION OF THE COURSE

On average, students follow the basic course in Dutch, reading and writing for one year. However, the duration depends on the agreements that are made per region with the Council.


There are no requirements for your previous training.

money-wallet-1 FEES

The fees depend on the regional agreements.

pin-location-1 LOCATIONS

Dordrecht, Gorinchem of Wijk en Aalburg.

time-clock-circle-1 START DATE

You can start at any time if there are enough registrations. This can be a new group or an existing group.

messages-bubble-question VRAGEN?

For questions, please call a location:

Dordrecht (088 – 657 21 50)
Gorinchem (088 – 657 29 12)
Oud-Beijerland (088 – 657 43 67)
Wijk en Aalburg (06 -133 00 067)

You can send an email to educatieinfo@davinci.nl. You will receive an answer to your question within four working days.