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Civic Integration Course

Do you want to take a Civic Integration course ? The Da Vinci College Education offers an education that prepares you for the Civic Integration exam. You will learn the Dutch language and you will learn about living and working in the Netherlands. This way, you will be able to participate in Dutch society!

The Da Vinci College has the Certificate of Integration Quality Mark and is affiliated with Blik op Werk.


Are you a family migrant born outside the European Union and living in the Netherlands? Then you can follow one of these routes at the Da Vinci College.

Are you an asylum status holder or a following family member? If so, the Council will determine which school you can attend for your Civic Integration programme. On the DUO website, you can read more about the new law and the different Civic Integration routes.


After registering for the programme yourself or through the Council, we will invite you for an intake interview. We will ask you to take a preliminary test to determine your level. During the intake interview, we will give you advice in the form of a course plan. This states what you will learn, how you will do it and how long you should study for it. You will also receive more information about the content of your Civic Integration course and what you can expect from a course counsellor.


The Civic Integration course prepares you for the compulsory parts of the Civic Integration exam, such as reading, listening, writing, speaking and knowledge of Dutch society.

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money-wallet-1 FEES

If you are a family migrant, the fee is also 37 per part of a day. The fees for the total course depend on how quickly you can complete the course. You will pay the fees of the course and the exam yourself. You can borrow money for this from DUO.

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If you are an asylum status holder or a family follower, the fees are paid by the Council. The Council also decides which school you attend for your Civic Integration course.

synchronize-arrow-clock DURATION OF THE COURSE

You will attend school an average of three half-days a week. The course takes a maximum of 3 years. During the intake, an estimate will be made about the duration of the course itself.

time-clock-circle-1 START DATE

You can start a Civic Integration course throughout the year. The condition is that there are enough participants.

messages-bubble-question QUESTIONS?

You can email educatieinfo@davinci.nl. You will receive an answer to your inquiry within four working days.

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