We Tomorrow

Building a bridge between students and the elderly by using VR methods

The goal is to help students to work with innovative methods in elderly care. Students will have meetings with elderly to discuss important life events and search with them for photos. These photos will be used to create a VR story with information about the history and questions.

The main outputs of the project:

  • Creation of a Digital Compendium with best practices of how in Europe technological solutions are use in the care of the elderly
  • Creation of 10 Virtual Content Packs aimed at elderly people based on 10 cultural / historical events that occurred in the past of the participants
  • Creation of glasses to visualize RV contents with recycled material.
  • Publication of 5 videos in English and in the partner's language that will teach to create the virtual environments of the packs. These will stimulate the enterprising spirit of the participants because it will allow them to apply this methodology to create new virtual environments.

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